Homestead Property Tax Credit

  • Councilman Yeoman authored a complete rewrite of the City Homestead Exemption with another council member to keep our naturally occurring affordable affordable housing. The ordinance was eventually approved in a referendum.
  • We created a $10,000 credit plus a 2.5 mil reduction in city property taxes, saving some homeowners between $500 – $1000 per year.

HERO Housing

  • As a member of the Doraville Development Authority, Councilman Yeoman personally negotiated seven housing units to offer Doraville Police officers a 50% reduction in market rent. Three of those units are already built and occupied by officers. Our officers who work and protect our city should be able to afford to live here.

Senior Exemption

  • We have maintained a 100% city property tax exemption for seniors over 70.

Zoning Changes

  • Spearheaded legislation changes that eliminated minimum square footage and reduced setbacks to give more housing options to build more affordable housing.