Social JusticeMayor Geierman speaks on environmental justice concerns in Doraville

City Court and Police Reform

  • Strong social justice reforms. Action, not talk.
  • Decriminalized less than an ounce of Marijuana.
  • Replaced City Judge and Solicitor.
  • The Doraville Court system eliminated cash bonds for some offenses and issued a standing order on others so arrested individuals were not detained unnecessarily.
  • Hired mental health clinician and responder keeping residents out of the criminal justice system.

Environmental Justice

  • Advocated against the PDK airport expansion where the environmental disparities are affecting low-income and minority communities more severely. It is not a coincidence that the areas around PDK and ATL are low-income minority neighborhoods.

Education Equity

  • All children should have access to quality schools and educational resources, regardless of zip code or economic status. This has not been the case along the Buford Highway corridor. The excuse too many politicians use is that they don’t control the school board. I have advocated for better school facilities and worked with the school board members to change attendance zones so residents in Doraville can attend the new school that opened in 2021.

Public Health Equity

  • Covered the cost and gave gift cards to low-income and immigrant communities to promote the COVID-19 vaccine.

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